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Our proven strategy will help you dominate your competition
by taking over Google.

Numbers Speak For Themselves

2 trillion searches per year are performed on Google

The average click-through rate in Google AdWords across all industries is 1.91%

The first position on Google search results on average has a around 34% click-through rate.

72% of consumers who did a local search visited a store within five miles.

78% of local-mobile searches result in offline purchases.

What Does It All Mean?

Google can become steady and passive source of new patients for your clinic on a recurring basis.

Organic Google search outperforms paid search by 32%. Which also means, in case you are doing paid advertisement, switching to organic search will give you 16x greater return on your investment.

72% of people are looking for a dentist in your area everyday. Imagine your clinic's website showing up on the #1 spot of Google every time they do. 78% if they use smart phone or pad.

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Our Doctors Say...

Why Proloa's SEO?

When it comes to selecting the right SEO company, you have to be very careful at which company you ultimately decide to work with. So much of your business is on the line here, and time is always working against you in your efforts to get your visibility in the organic search results. Each day that passes your competition is pouncing on your potential customers and taking your income.
Modern Marketing
SEO is one of the most sought after digital marketing strategies. You can take advantage of it hands-free. The time is yesterday.
Custom Tailored
We're focusing solely on dentists and their websites which guarantees you top notch results. Many other agencies cover all sorts of professions which ultimately makes their results sloppy.
We've been in the game for years. Mostly working on our own projects/websites. You can see some of them on the homepage. This guarantees you have a partner that know what they're doing.
Small Size
We are working with only a few clients. This guarantees maximum focus and return of investment for you. We're Family after-all.
Leaving Money
Seriously. Stop leaving money on the table. It is a common scenario that clinic doubles or triples the income after 3-4 months of successful SEO campaign.

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